25 replies on “Anfield Tunnel: Access All Areas v Man Utd”

  1. Look carefully, all people who are related to Liverpool are touching THIS IS ANFIELD sign. Also I want to touch!

  2. hahahaha that kid is like a prop, he just stands and they walk up, smile, and push him aside…

  3. hasley & webb both playing for united on the same day? jesus christ, better line up than barcelona.

  4. Had you see the same match than me yesterday, the Man U’s victory is illogic, as well the match against City … ( sorry for my english, i’m french 🙂 )

  5. u can tell the difference between the 2 teams…liverpool players quiet and lack of emotion while manchersters players are joking, smiling, and look like they enjoy plaing football

  6. I don’t know how much longer I can watch the football games of Liverpool, Iv’e been supporting them heavily since 2005, A good example would be the 2006/7 game vs Reading where the ref blind sided 2 obvious Penalties (even reading manager laughed at it) after giving Reading a penalty to make it 1-1, Reading won 3-1.

    Liverpool over the 7 years I have watched have been fucked over by the Ref so many times it’s bordering on fucking insanity….. I’m speechless……

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