18 Comments On “Women’s Rugby World Cup Final – England v New Zealand – LIVE”


  2. Haere Tatou ki Aotearoa haere Tatou!!

  3. Video starts at 25:34

  4. so you get a yellow card when no ruck is formed and you're on your feet (at 76:00)! Can anyone explain that to me? It also seemed like this ref didn't allow anyone to compete for the ball once a ruck was formed (or did I go blind?). The match was good but I thought I was watching rugby league at the end of it.

  5. Gonna be the same stomping for your Barbarians multi-culture England mens squad as well in 2018.

  6. Я просто вражений ! Нова Зеландія є Нова Зеландія ! І не важливо – чоловіки це чи жінки. Коли це стосується регбі – тут немає різниці. Це просто НОВА ЗЕЛАНДІЯ ! Почав дивитися цю фінальну гру спочатку заради "Хаки" у виконанні новозеландок, а далі … просто не міг відірватися.

  7. Hmmmm. I see some wifey material in there.

  8. Terrible resolution – very blurry and hard to watch. I have watched almost every game of this tournament on Youtube and cannot find a single decent copy of this game. Otherwise a good game from 46 great players.

  9. good on ya for postin this helps da game reach more fans like meself!

  10. And why not have Neville ref the mens? She has real authority

  11. Just at half time – I am so impressed by the England Scrum – they are all in and so skilled. The front row with Bern is exceptional and the second row can really carry the ball – not many men's scrums are as talented

  12. Gee, those two yellow cards against NZ players were ridiculous – and England scored two tries when NZ were down to 14 players.

  13. WTH women play tackle rugby now? Has the world gone insane?

  14. Yellow card! What nonsense!

  15. outstanding game, salute both both teams playing beautifully.

  16. Kiwi Wandering USA

    Well done! Had me worried in the first half but settled down and played their own game in the second. Awesome!

  17. Come on girls bring that bloody cup back home to where it belongs. Kia Kaha!!!!!

  18. Yeahhhhhh

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