19 Comments On “Australia VS England – Rugby League 2013 World Cup Highlights”

  1. and the pohms lost again.

  2. poor start and sloppy end is like loosing your virginity

  3. Scotland did amazing in this World Cup. .

  4. It's a shame Rugby League isn't more popular than Rugby Union globally, like Ireland doesn't even have a league, just rugby union club teams :/

  5. Remember watching this live at the time… England are still a long way off Australia but they are improving… the four nations could be interesting… England vs Australia final I would say

  6. Yep, England lost to Australia in the Rugby League World Cup, The Ashes, and next the Roosters will beat Wigan in the World Club Challenge.

  7. Next world cup England to win

  8. Next world cup England to win

  9. England bent over, greased up and reamed to then hilt by an Australian sports team. You don't get to see that much. Not.

  10. 1:05 the most unselfish try of all time

  11. Scrums in league just gives more room for the backs to move around

  12. set plays george 

  13. aussie aussie aussie

  14. what's the point in scrums in rugby league?

  15. Go the Aussies hope I do well

  16. aussie

  17. I'ts vossy hes australian he used to do channel 9

  18. Nz plays saturday morning 4:30 nsw time i think

  19. When are New Zealand playing?

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