25 replies on “TUNNEL CAM City 2-1 Spurs EPL 12-13”

  1. @xzipofz they are right. even I was skeptical but then I had two hundred dollars put into my account! Its not hard just complete a couple market research questions . These guys are the best => bit.ly/W2Jtv8?=btftzq

  2. Remembrance Sunday/Armistice Day in UK – hence the poppies on the players shirts and fans standing for two minutes silence.

  3. They were booing the referee who was poor, not the team. Don’t believe everything sky sports tell you.

  4. You commenting so early on this video, It’s perfectly fair to assume you are subscribed to this “city” channel. What are you doing with your life man?

  5. i like how the city fans start booing their own players when they were about to enter the tunnel at 9:37

  6. Dzeko is class on and off the pitch never complaining or arguing and he gets the job done so far hes saved mancinis ass plenty times ,he’s gotta be the most respected player by opposing fans in the epl ,pure class

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