18 replies on “The Rugby World Cup : England’s Story”

  1. As a french fan, i remember this english team as a perfect machine to win matchs whatever the way or the style. The art to win ugly must be respected like any other rugby!

  2. The toughest thing to take is giving games away because of penalties & we're still doing it.
    I say "We" but I'm actually thinking of the current Lions vs All Blacks series, it's one game all at the moment & if we can eliminate the gifting of penalties we'll win this series…..

  3. John Hurt the narrator , god bless old boy..! But that year England were just an amazing team, they beat NZ, AUS before the world cup too and away from home. Rain, Snow, Wind, any conditions, that England team would adapt their play to suit. They are now Legends.

  4. i think England didn't build up the game upon this success they should've dominated even more later on. but i think under Eddie Jones they just might win it again in Japan 2019.

  5. Brings back all of the memories from 2003!. Can't believe it was 14 years ago. Hopefully we'll be celebrating again in 2 years time in Japan.

  6. I'm 35 now and I'm glad I was watching woodwards team from the way he built from scratch In1997 on wards to 2003 .we salute you .

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