20 replies on “England’s Undefeated Year || 2016”

  1. Nz and England are probably the only nations to have a undefeated year. But what's more funnier is that the Aussies lost 7 times in a row!! in 2017.And they got beaten by Italy!

  2. But they didn't play new zealand and both new zealand and England lost to Ireland so I think ireland were the best team this year.

  3. The reason why they were undefeated that year it was cause they were too pussy to play New Zealand.

  4. Beating a shit asstralian team 4 times in the same year is hardly worth bragging about!!

  5. i love how IRELAND beat both ENGLAND and the ALL BLACKS to set and break records … never ever rule out the IRISH MANA

  6. They played ok, let's not forget referees always sucked up to England especially since England was humiliated in the RWC 2015 in London, which does not make them that "great".

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