25 Comments On “Stoke City on tour… Proper fans in the Estadio Mestalla – Valencia 23rd February 2012”

  1. We were given 300 tickets by Valencia, we took around 13000 because A LOT of Stokies bought tickets in the home areas, like me. Pipe the fuck down

  2. Yes I know, it’s not very good… it’s brilliant! 😛

  3. not very good mate

  4. And yet you support an English club. Glory hunting c*nt.

  5. Poor, very poor!

  6. bunch of little englandeerrs fuckwits

  7. After the initial disappointment of hearing the team that Tony was taking out to Spain the Potters put in a cracking performance. The fans and the team did us proud!

  8. i was there!!! sat behind TP 🙂

  9. My mistake, I should have watched more of the video the first time round.

  10. I’m not quite sure what your on about there Geordie lad?! :/

  11. Why the fuck would you sit at a European away game?

  12. manutdenglandsfinest

    you take more there than to old traff, talk about gloryhunters ha

  13. shit supporters FACT

  14. Proper Stokey.

  15. ARE YOU THICK?! lowering standards?! there were only a few clubs back then! thick fuck!

  16. Do you come from stoke .?? most man united shit fans do !

  17. Many ‘fans’ of Manure or Arse will never really understand that supporting a club involves more than looking at teletext and buying the odd replica shirt. Still their loss.
    They probably ‘support Germany in the Euros and Brazil in the world cups and I daresay it makes them feel good in a penis extension sort of way

  18. You anti football cunt. Otbc!!!

  19. fuck off u gob shite!!!! bet ur a glory hunter

  20. twat

  21. i bloody loved it shame we didnt win but will never forget that im 15 so im lucky cos i avent had to wait 40 odd years! hope we ever get there again!

  22. shite

  23. stoke pikeys,utd much better class

  24. Magic times!

  25. i was there

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