24 replies on “Stoke City FC Tribute”

  1. Stoke are a terrible footballing side. Hope they get relegated this season.

  2. Haha…. There are some silly fans, but look at us now. 4th in the league.

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  4. Its being great stoke city in prem will alwalys support stoke lound and pround. Don’t give a shit wot any 1 eles says. Trying put the team done

  5. These toothless inbreeders who are using the Rugby cliché need to watch a game of Rugby, we don’t play anything like that.

    And besides, if you hate Stoke then bugger off and don’t watch our tribute videos.

  6. Man City did deserve the cup because they played well and Stoke played poorly. If you want an example of us playing well then look at the Bolton game or the Arsenal league game. But you should be spending more time in school than on Youtube judging by that comment. I hope you don’t breed.

  7. whos the american that just purchased his new stoke kits, me love u guys potters till i die

  8. man city deserved the fa cup , stoke never had a chance with there thugish tactics and one route thowe ins and dirty tackles from huth n co , glad to see shitty shawcross in tears after the game and stupid pennant limping , try player propa football pulis instead of rugby tactics

  9. haha stoke city makes more noise with 28 000 fans than arsenal does with 65 000 and same as man city arsenal can’t handle stoke’s physicality. Personally Im a United fan but if Stoke play against any other team than United I cheer for them because I love the passion and atmosphere they produce. Actually if you think about it Stoke would be barcelona’s worst possible opponent.

  10. cheers very much boss.

    Got them all off youtube, using the Realplayer download software!

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