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  1. XD

  2. Alan Gilzean.

  3. very very odd that he did not get picked,bad decision

  4. This is the 1st game I ever went to when I was ickle, didn’t see much Greavsie as every time he got the ball everyone stood up. Along with Jimmy I was devastated when he didn’t get picked for the World Cup final.

  5. Something44everyone

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  6. I’m having to search for my own comment. Forgotten what it was. COYS anyway, God save the Queen and Tottenham forever.

  7. i thought that was what Ossie Ardilles was trying as manager!

  8. It’s ALWAYS good to watch Utd get beat as I’m a LIverpool fan BUT Jimmy Greaves and Bobby Charlton have to be 2 of the greatest players of all time.
    I tilt my hat to both of them.

  9. hey where is giggs?haha

  10. Yes Bobby Charlton hit that with his left foot. Players now earn £100,000 a week and can only use one foot

  11. : in them days strikers didn’t HAVE a weaker foot – they trained and trained to bring the non-dominant one up to scratch. Nat Lofthouse (another great goal-hanger from a slightly earlier era than Greaves) used to play training games with an old carpet slipper on his right foot, simply so’s he’d have to use the left to have any chance of scoring.

  12. In the case of this clip, you can see that the attacking players’ positions as given are not far removed from the truth, but Bobby Charlton is actually a lot deeper than a real centre forward would be. Going by the names on the teamsheet, United are probably using W-W (3-2-3-2), which was pretty popular until 4-4-2 came along.

  13. From the footage, it looks like it might actually have been the 1966 World Cup where the BBC began displaying accurate formations. After that, I think they mostly just showed the players listed from 1-11 – until the early 90s – and the commentator went through the list. But I have seen newspaper cuttings from the 70s where 2-3-5 is still being displayed for all sides, despite it having been outmoded by the W-M (3-2-2-3) decades earlier. (Which itself was out of date by the 50s!)

  14. It did seem odd although of course Ardiles tried something similar with 5 up front when Kilnsmann was with Spurs. I wonder how they chose to show Ramsey’s wingless wonders on the TV then. Maybe you know…

  15. They didn’t actually line up like that. 2-3-5 dropped out of fashion back in the 20s. But for some reason it wasn’t until the 70s that TV and newspapers stopped using it as the ‘default’ formation for their graphics.

  16. look at the formations at the beginning looks like 2-3-5!! how would a modern side nowadays do playing this formation!!

  17. rv2006ly it’s hotspur not hotspurs

  18. They dont make em like Greaves anymore

  19. Wow! Awesome goal by jimmy greaves.

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  21. even the mud was authentic back then!

  22. Mackay was the greatest footballer of all time

  23. spurs used to be soooooooo good

  24. all the goals are awesome

  25. The actual formation back then was…


    RB – CH – LB

    RH – LH

    IR – IL

    RW – CF - LW

    In modern notation, that would be 3-2-2-3

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