16 Comments On “Spurs and Chelsea football hooligans fight”

  1. Try explaining taking a weapon to a match. Oh you couldnt Trevor here have
    this * HMP *

  2. This is The Three Kings pub Next to West Kensington Station.

  3. Pwoppa naughty

  4. Shit.don’t get much from this.

  5. I remember it well. The Yids came for a quet drink with us, we offered to
    buy them one but they didnt want to know. So we ran over to them to ask
    them why but they thought we wasnt very friendly towards them even though
    we was taking them drinks with us we bought for them at the bar! You just
    cant please some peeps!

  6. risteard mac fheorias

    ponytail…yeah that’s the 90s…

  7. Weapon is not good for culture, that’s why our hoolls call it – crap

  8. Shit vid, shit music, just… shit.

  9. lol c’mon! berserkers BRONSON yids! regiment Tottenham Hotspur fc 1882
    outlaws – casuals yid army! ghosts spooks north london. chelski racist smeg
    head smurfs lol.

  10. all a bunch of dickheads. southern fuckin nonces

  11. Melts

  12. Isn’t that poof with the ponytail bouncing up and down Trevor
    Tanner?…..YID army PMSFL!!

  13. lol chelsea mugs smurfs smeg heads…charles BRONSON psycho! yid army lol
    berserkers casuals dudes posse outlaws north london! lilywhite ghost town
    spooks! old bill sting.

  14. The music ?? it’s Beady Eyes ?

  15. Chelsea got run AGAIN

  16. Yids rule again

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