25 Comments On “Southampton 2-3 Manchester United Highlights 2/9/12 EPL Football Hattrick RVP”

  1. super RVP..

  2. realmadridchannel100

    he was asked about who he thinks the favourtes was. he said madrd,barca and bvb. and then he said he hopes that utd can be up there

  3. why would a teams own manager not think they can win something? of course he thinks they can win it. Did you think chelsea would win it last year? doubt it. You never know what can happen in football.

  4. realmadridchannel100

    but do you think you can win cl, sir alex is not that sure

  5. realmadridchannel100

    it didnt look that well yesterday. im not hating on utd but look at your midfield its like candy for all the other top teams, the attack is good and the defense without vidic is in shambles

  6. i am from Lahore you motherfucking cunt…..
    and btw if i see you i will kick u on the face….(I hope you die of cancer :D)

  7. 17-11-2012,Norwich City 1 0 man u/fa.I’m horny,snigger,snigger.9>3.Amen.

  8. cry cry cry arsenal

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  10. our strikers are not ordinary at all, if anything it can be the best partnership weve ever had… all teams get their ups and downs, and last season we had our downs. We are always challenging for titles every season and win most games.

  11. realmadridchannel100

    still a very ordinary utd team compared to the other teams fergie built. i cant see how the other teams could have got embarrased by bilbao like they did or throw a 8 pt lead with 6 games to go, i mean utd only needed a pt against basel to go through and they couldnt even do that, and injuries or no injuries utd should qualify in 1st place in such a easy group. i still think if utd met madrid,barca, bayern or juve in cl they´ll go out

  12. Van Persie and Hernandez up front who are on form, with Rooney behind them.. Valencia and Young on the wings, Cleverley and Scholes/Carrick/Kagawa midfield. Evra,Ferdinand,Vidic,Smalling,Rafael,Phil Jones in defence. Not a bad squad if you ask me… last year we got hampered with injuries and it obviously played a major part in our league form, nobody can deny that. Yest we need to strengthen our central part of midfield but its not terrible. We have one hell of a strikeforce

  13. realmadridchannel100

    i think its fair to say that its not the strongest pl if the (in my opinion) worst man utd team the last 10-15 years ends up having 19 pts more than 3rd. but still the best league in the world

  14. bitter 

  15. no, you probably love man u because you grew up in an area with a mediocre club and are a glory hunting cunt just like the rest of ya mugs fuck man u hope fergie burns in hell

  16. lol and … then came Aston Villa. Braga isn’t too happy about it either. But that’s Manchester United for you. 🙂

  17. too* 

  18. Fuck Arsenal, Arsenal got to many good players in their time like Bergkamp, Henry, Van Persie. It’s now time for Manchester United, and that comes from a dutch man. Fuck arsenal*  How about you learn something called grammar and punctuation. dipshit.

  19. no thats all wrong man

  20. That happens everywhere (except in spain)

  21. And….. you’re probably not even from Manchester.

  22. haha he was gonna take his shirt off lol

  23. HOOOOO ROBIN VAN PERSIE … man utd fan from iraq 🙂 

  24. hahaha 6-1 to 9-1 lol

  25. oh how bad he wanted to kiss that badge RVP! GGMU

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