25 replies on “Reaction to Liverpool vs Stoke City”

  1. It seems only 10 months ago (see below) that i posted on this…Now we beat them again…Damm fine…

  2. Yes I know this is from last year.
    Yes´╗┐ I know we got destroyed last night.
    I don’t care….
    Still Loyal Still Proud Still Stoke

  3. Scousers are now using viagra´╗┐ eye-drops. They think it makes them look hard!

  4. why people keep using this´╗┐ video, its not even funny

    oh aye, Howay stoke beat the mackems next season for us mags

  5. lol your calling stoke a shit hole when your from liverpool which is home to the biggest scum bags in´╗┐ england

  6. shut´╗┐ up you muppet. they plat old style football where we arent a bunch of nancy boys who break their legs on a daisy

  7. So bad Liverpool’s multi million pound over paid fairies couldn’t score against them. Good result at´╗┐ Boro ­čÖé

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