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  1. you’ve seen how easily Torres scores with Spain right? that’s his finishing… i respect your opinion but Sturridge is a lot of threatening on the wing, that left-foot is a huge disadvantage up front

  2. How do you get experience? By playing. Where can i see this fantastic finishing by Torres? At liverpool yes, not anymore. Sturridge has great control, Torres loses the ball alot. Torres isn’t really a target man but he is a lot better now though.  I would rather ahve Sturrideg playing than Torres, i’m sorry that my opinion.

  3. it’s a great thing that you’re only a fan and not involved in football.. if you were Chelsea’s manager god knows where Chelsea would be on the table… Sturridge lacks A LOT of experience! Sturridge is no way near as good of a finisher as Torres. Sturridge is no way near a great target man like Torres. Sturridge is a hell of a player when he’s on the wing, that left foot of his is deadly on the right side. point out to me a world-class striker who’s left-footed. hardly any because it’s difficult

  4. If you think he is worls class now you might need grasp some football knowledge, even though he “scored” see most of the fans reactions as it is quite clear that they still thought it was an average/poor performance, i wolud much rather have Stuuridge up front, who affects the game notabally even when he is “not getting service” he gets himself involved, unless Torres dramaticcaly improves or we start playing Sturridge, we are going to miss out on a lot of points

  5. ‘he just runs around’? shows how much you know about football… please eat your words now and go open a football book to grasp some knowledge. Torres is a world class striker, two time golden boot winner.

  6. Because he feels pressured into getting the best out of him, he amy give it his all but he dosen’t actually do anything, just runs around for 90 minutes, its not good enough for a “world class striker”

  7. if he’s been poor explain to me why his RDM first choice striker? get a grip kid and learn more about football… Torres may not be scoring every match but he gives it his all every match and does some great passing which unfortunately never took advantage off by the wingers.

  8. TORRES HAS BEEN POOR END OF DELUDED MORON, why the fuck do you love him so much, got a crush on him or something

  9. kid who’s too stupid to realise football tactics… if i should go to a mental hospital then so should Roberto Di Matteo, Newton and Steve Holland.

  10. Sturbridge should be playing instead of Torres, he has more urgency and more desire. Though Torres is technically sound he can’t sync with the 3 amigos. I was a huge fan of his but his lack of goals says it all. Time for a spend on falcoa or cavani or place more faith in Sturridge

  11. kid please, i beg you… for the sake of football! watch MOTD and match game analysis at Chelsea TV before you start talking. you obviously don’t understand what Torres does every game

  12. I just can’t believe how you can think Torres has been playing well, past 4 games he has been very poor, how can you not see that.

  13. i won’t keep thinking that because it’s true i believe it…. RDM is not spineless, he will not hesitate to replace players if they do not impact the game. he dropped Malouda to reserves and dropped Lampard to the bench. if you so think that Torres is an awful player then how on earth are you not the manager of Chelsea FC

  14. Ok, you keep thinking that, i can’t believe someone can think that about Torres. Every one has their own opinion.

  15. i’m not deluded, i just know football basics and understand how RDM uses Torres in Chelsea which impacts the game.

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