25 replies on “Reaction at SOL at news of Man City winning the Premiership 2011/12”

  1. …Well I was pretty happy when City´╗┐ won too. It was nice to see a team other that Manu or Chelsea win the prem. Maybe in ten years or so my Toffees can do it again ­čśÇ

  2. so many fans from other clubs have told me how glad´╗┐ they were when they heard mcfc won the league, just see from the Sunderland reaction

  3. Least united fans don’t bloody stir so much hatred on themselves, there was a lot of teams last season that would prefer United to have won´╗┐ the title, not city with their cheque books.

  4. nah it’s just everyone hates Man´╗┐ Utd, mainly because of their cunt faced cockney fans

  5. How difficult is it to click on my page and see who I support before making a comment and embarrassing yourself,´╗┐ you imbecile?

  6. You can’t talk, your team finished miles behind the two Manchester teams, so unless´╗┐ you are a United or a City fan, FUCK OFF YOU BITCH!

  7. Your such a fail, your come backs are just shit, and city aren’t even in the top two anymore. Oh dear, your team is shit. If you even are a shitty fan, you probably´╗┐ didn’t like them until the last minutes of last season. Now stop fucking messaging me you Oxford english ass hole.


  9. And of course ‘weel’ is in the Oxford English. Anyway, how did´╗┐ you know that I was born in a skip? That’s where I met your mother – she squealed like a little pig, too. ­čÖé Did you enjoy this video by the way? It seems that the Red Shite are hated everywhere. And you can jolly well ‘FUCK OFF’ too, bumbaklaat.

  10. Weel “hmm”´╗┐ is not in the dictionary so, FUCK OFF, you were born in a skip. Fact.

  11. Hmm, seems that you can’t use English grammar correctly (you needed an apostrophe between your ‘u’ and your ‘r’, followed by an ‘e’), typical Red Shite fan,´╗┐ no doubt born miles from Manchester….what a throbber you are.

  12. Manchester united: Have you ever thought that maybe Sunderland didn’t want another team celebrating all over their pitch? I’m sure they’d much´╗┐ rather laugh at you than watch you win the premiership in their own stadium.

  13. United fans get off of here . It happened , you got butt fucked !!!! City league´╗┐ champions . Hahahahahahaha fuck yeah . (arsenal fan) ….. Oooohh waiting for the 8-2 jokes and such …. Couldnt care less . City still raped you .

  14. Lower league sides have WAY more passion for football than man city. Most lower league players play´╗┐ because the love football. City players just want their cheques.

  15. Cmon now, you cant take your frustration out on this club’s fans. Youre lucky enough that your club is one of the best on the planet and theyre cheering on a team whos budget is the size of Van Persie’s transfer fee. If anything theyre just happy not to see a title celebration on their own pitch. Were you happy when Arsenal won the title at Old Trafford? You had´╗┐ 8 point lead with a handful games to go and still they blew it. Epic stuff.

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