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  1. Stubborn fans.Booing him will have only bad impact on our team and that’s what i don’t want.I don’t like him but booing him will´╗┐ never help us!Plus look at our home support fuc*ing shocking.

  2. i cant bother with u anymore. u say u have no hate to anyone yet u seem full of hate, if anything u sound racist. im not calling u racist as u may not be but your comments make it seem like u r. its like u observe racist comments & therefore hate in return, its a vicious circle dude & needs to stop somewhere, believe it or not the first step towards beating racism starts with´╗┐ u. i hope your experiences get better dude. good luck.

  3. when they say it out loud it’s disrespectful. the least they´╗┐ can do is be appreciative towards what foreigners bring to this country. most of the doctors are not from England, most of Dentists are not from England, most of health care are not from here. these people have every right to belong to this country since they put blood and sweat to help this country. so yes it is too much to ask

  4. Man utd fan.benitez no good for chelsea.man utd wil be champions murinho come to old traford´╗┐ on july ha ha

  5. Honestly this man is a good coach and i have faith that he is going to make chelsea a big team like it was 3years ago .. When he was training lfc i was wondering how this man made lfc as a very huge team …honestly´╗┐ am happy that he took charge of chelsea

  6. This´╗┐ is England if u dnt like it Fuck off we dnt want dirty immigrants here takin our jobs an sponging !!

  7. Racism is a disgusting, inhumane, uncivilised concept that’s extremely common in England. Most of your products in your house whether it be your furniture, household appliances etc.´╗┐ Are all manufactured in foreign countries, yet you hear people say things like ‘f*** the Chinese’ who go through hell making these things for you, might as well throw it all in the bin if your that sick and intolerant in the head.

  8. “we live in a country´╗┐ where the people think the country belongs to them only.” …and? Is that too much to ask?

  9. hate? i’ve got not hate for anyone, i just do not respect English people anymore. they discriminate people from different cultures and if you’re too blind to realise that then i feel sorry for you. it’s not a coincedense that i’ve observed racist rants being thrown at different people. we live in a country where the people think the country belongs to them only. this kind of discrimination´╗┐ is no way common to anywhere else apart from south Africa and Texas…

  10. be thankful that u werent born 50/60 yrs ago when girls/guys who fell in love non english ppl left babies dumped´╗┐ cos of the shame they felt, or the beatings blacks etc took from families of white girls they fell in love with, ppl burning crosses etc & wearing hoods & killing ppl cos of the colour of their skin. these times r over, & segregation? thats gone aswell, & u cant see any of this cos your eyes r clouded by hate, open them, wake up dude, we r not where we should be yet, but its coming.

  11. the first step to beating racism is to be tolerant, which u obviously arent. in regards to racism the world has come a long way but its still gonna take time. the´╗┐ president of the usa is black yet if u went back in time to the 60s & said to some1 that in 2012 the usa,s president would be black then youd probably be shot, labelled a madman etc. we have come a long way & the fact that ppl like u refuse to see that only keeps racism alive that little bit longer.

  12. seiously dude? u r basing your sole opinion on your experiences & dismissing everything else which is just dumb. im not sying that england has no racism, my point is it exists everywhere. i can walk down a street in london without a problem yet a mile down the road id be lucky to escape with my life, the same can be said about new york, johannesburg, sydney, tokyo etc. Racism is a 2 way street aswell, u r obviously racist to some degree becos of your experiences to say what u previously said.´╗┐

  13. yeah England has no racism… funny how on my way home in the bus i could hear a English lady saying “this is England, a white people place”
    yes sure… racism in England is not different to other places. as if!
    have you ever saw videos on youtube about Brazilians ranting about foreigners? or about Africans ranting about foreigners? or about any other country apart from England? this country is full of racists and´╗┐ there’s no doubt.

  14. I think u don’t know what u are doing in Chelsea. U wanna change the whole team for what? I guess the only person´╗┐ u MOST change there is Torres, go for a better strikers like Falcao, Cavani, Gomez, etc. or u can even go for Swansea attacker Michu, he has great talent in goal scoring, check out Michu’s game against Arsenal then u’ll understand what i mean. If u continue like this hmmm, remember u have only 6 months but u may end up with 1 or 2 months. Hahahahahahahaha

  15. just because u choose to focus on whats around u, that doesnt mean´╗┐ it doesnt exist elsewhere. just type in racism at football matches on here & see what pops up.

  16. lol dude, do u even know what u r talking about? i watch games in brazil, italy, spain etc, & i see racism of all kinds, ive´╗┐ seen the monkey gestures, ive seen coin, bottles etc thrown at coloured players & ive even seen a black footballer get beaten by half a dozen fans at a brazilian match cos he gave the middle finger to a bunch of racists, to just say that england is racist is just narrow minded & uneducated. like i said b4 racism exists everywhere.

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