25 Comments On “Manchester United Goal Challenge Chicharito vs Rooney vs Nani vsVan Der Sar”

  1. Yes, he was very comfortable growing up. It’s nice that he was taught
    humility growing up because his humble demeanor is very endearing.

  2. Van der sar. 🙂

  3. smalling should be no where near a footy pitch

  4. Ok, so it’s only a silly little game, but, I’m not surprised Hernandez was
    the best…he is superb finisher.

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  6. Omg. Chicharito’s eyes look beautiful.

  7. awww. chicharito :’)

  8. Nicolas Hernandez Suarez

    i want to see ronaldinho in this challenge 🙂

  9. United for life

  10. Fuck chelsea bruh

  11. Fuck Man U blue is the color football is the game were all together and
    winning is our aim so cheer us on through the sun Anne rain cause Chelsea,
    Chelsea is our name

  12. We love u united we do oh united we love u

  13. LFC.


  15. Smalling is absolutely shit!!

  16. smallings wank

  17. how long has chichro been at united now ??? he was always given 2nd string
    as striker yet now you blame Moyes if he leaves, yet dont here any praise
    for talking Rooney into staying so do us all a favour and give the manager
    a rest eh !!!!! Sir Alex knew he had a team in need of changes and right
    now it looks like a very tired man utd team with about 8 players needed to
    re-build for the next 10 years

  18. i always wondered why Chris Smalling has 28 shooting on fifa, i guess i
    know why now lol

  19. WerDasLiest istDoof

    144p so we meet again..

  20. yea dude at fifa but this is reality

  21. idiot

  22. Use are all fucking shit im better that that

  23. Looks like Chicharo is gonna leave united now. smh damn Moyes.

  24. No surprise here. Chicharito is one of the world’s best finishers.

  25. Poor ??? Chicharito wasnt poor, what poor mexican kid speaks fluent
    english? before even going to england?chicharito went to good schools and
    joined Guadalajara football club at the age of 9, cause his grandfather is
    a legend there, his father was a coach there, also his father and
    grandfather played for the mexico team…..Chicharito is the 3rd geniration
    playing in a world cup, not many families can say that

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