25 replies on “Man Utd Vs Arsenal – Wayne Rooney & Robin Van Persie – Post Match Interview”

  1. I hope people recognise the POWER within this strike force
    Rooney 34 games – 27 goals
    Van Persie 37 games – 30 goals
    Just wait till they BOTH develop a full partnership they’ll score for fun!

  2. He was an employee of arsenal now an employee of man utd, how is that a traitor? if you worked for years at yahoo and took a job at google does tha make you a traitor? since when are we obliged to stick to a certain career path? profesional football is a job,a career,they should not be treated differently to anyone else……starting with the disgusting amounts of money they get paid.

  3. you traitor van persie! what comes around goes around you traitor fucked! you deserted your ship. you are a junkyard dog!

  4. club love ? grow f up.Its all about money.Money and honors.RvP came from Feyenoord before Arsenal.

  5. Del Piero gave everything to juventus, The season he won the world cup and performed exceptionally was the same season juve(also know as old lady) got relegated,the were intrest from clubs such as chelsea,acmilan,real and barcelona you know what he replied when they asked wether he was leaving juve.’A real man never leaves his old lady’ Del piero Respect Vanpersie: JUDAS CUNT

  6. you are really exaggerating the injury part of 7 yrs, he had a good 06/07 season, 08/09, 10/11, 11/12. his 04/05 and 05/06 seaons werent too bad either. Your anger drives you crazy and you dont look at the facts anymore

  7. I’m an arsenal fan….. and GOD Do I Fu*kin Miss Van Persie. I don’t give a damn he went to UTD. Sure the way he left was kind of a kick in the face, but atleast, his reasons for leaving where footballing reasons and atleast he still respects and speaks good of our club unlike Adebayor, clichy, nasri. It’s a shame that we are in this position where United don’t even look twice at us anymore.

  8. Maybe you’re right, I certainly would go to lengths to say the team is much less egotistical now with some strong characters leaving, and we do look more of a team. My worry is that there is certainly a lack of leadership figures. Arteta in my opinion is the only one worthy of that description, Vermaelen isn’t a speaker and I think defensively he has been very poor this season. January is a big month for Arsenal, Wenger needs to buy to put us in a strong position for a trophy.

  9. Not sure I agree with you there. To say Nasri was young and naive is a strong allegation, I agree I don’t think he should have left… He was our best player the season before last. But have you considered that he maybe saw the direction the club was heading. I’m not sticking up for him in anyway and I do think the way he left was very disrespectful, but at the same time loyalty unfortunately doesn’t exist in todays game. Trophies are trophies, whoever they’re for.

  10. Arsenal can contend for 2end this season, i think they will be able to become more consistent, over this season, there hero will not come in the form of a thierry henry or robin van persie scoring ever night, but rather the hard work from the several tainted players that compose arsenal. I believe they are stronger this season.

  11. im a arsenal fan but seriously wenger needs to pull his finger out in the transfer window and stop being tight with his money!!!

  12. arsenal were a different team before winnin everytin but now they r just shit dey had only 1 good player rvp now his presence is not dere anymore so wat is arsenal r goin 2 do bout it……….

  13. For fuck sake henry gave something to the club he never decided to take a 7yr gap rest due to injury and still get his full wages, then return and have 1 good seasonn and fuck of to our rivals.RVPRICK is a cunt his worser than samir nasri atleast samir nasri is young and naive which slightly justifies his stupid decision. However even he would of stayed if we showed faith in a iinjury prone nasri for 7 years

  14. Cunts is an understatement, “should of scored 2 or 3 more” ???? FUCK OFF ROBIN AND TAKE BATMAN WITH YA

  15. If he had gone to arsenal he wouldn’t be the player he is today! I bet he would be able to play a great 5 yard pass though.

  16. Cristiano Ronaldo was stolen from Arsenal by Sr Alex! We found his talent first! down down the red satan

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