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  1. mate so your saying that Man u didnt spend any money at all but the fact is that City raped use 6-1 and we spend money to make our team better and whats wrong with that and dont even say that use arent rich its just that we spend money and you Dont.

  2. that’s a fair comment to be fair, however the reason i don’t respect city is because of taking carlos tevez back, you wouldn’t see that at AFC, liverpool, everton, man utd, etc.

    the fact that they have a lot of money, well i’d be a hypocrite to criticise them, as Arsenal fans are desperate for our board to spend some money on a major signing (like falcao)

  3. Difference is that Manchester United earned every penny they ever spent (like Arsenal did, and Liverpool). Blackburn, Chelsea and city simply had hollow ‘success’ handed to them buy owners. That sort of thing is terrible for the sport.

  4. yeah because man utd didn’t spend any money to win any of their 12 premiership titles, coincidently going 23 years without winning a league title before 1993

    they had 11 players, as did you (till scholes got sent off ofc), they scored 1, you scored 0

    same could be said for blackburn and chelski, they are the premier league champions currently, fact

  5. because they didn’t ‘win’ they bought. city will never win a match and they will certainly never win a trophy. their owners buy hollow victories. nothing more, nothing less.

  6. a guy like yaya Toure for me is a 50 million worth player i have no idea why the fuck would barca sell him big lose for sure i would love to see him at real madrid

  7. Says the guy from Indonisia who started supporting city a year or two ago. What team did you support before that? United or Chelsea?

  8. City had a better season, lucky chances? no … but they were amazing chances and awesome goals and completely embarrassed United in the 6-1 win

  9. @Ralph John why put “won” in speech marks. They did win it, watch the video. As for Manu, stratfords proper club is closer

  10. Yeah I don’t really like Man U but City got some lucky goals and lucky chances, United should have won the league

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