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  1. You all do make me laugh, I’m 48, watched and played football all my life, the good old days??, they wouldn’t stand a chance in today’s game, fitness or professionalism , best, law , any of them, no chance

  2. I was at this game also with my brother. Two Stoke fans in the paddock. Thanks for pointing out the deflection. I remember it well.

  3. I was at this game with my brother. A couple of Stoke fans in the paddock. Gordon was brilliant and unlucky to beat by a deflection in the end.

  4. Sad day as it was his last game. A great Keeper and a Great man. A real gentleman how England need him now! England only lost 9 of the 73 games he played in!

  5. by todays standards football was alot “gayer” then. still alot better than the shite thats on sky sports though. bring back football pre 90s!!

  6. i met him once he parked beside me at a stoke game such a nice polite man i hope to see him again

  7. I was at this match and although it isn’t obvious from the TV pictures, Cally’s winning goal took a massive deflection over Banks’s head, but I didn’t care about how it went in as long as it did. It was a brilliant season for Liverpool, winning the league, UEFA Cup and doing the double over Everton.
    Sadly, this was Gordon Banks’s last ever match. The following day he lost his eye in a road traffic accident.

  8. I followed Stoke all over the country in those days and I remember this game well.God I feel old! The Kop always had great respect for Gordon

  9. lool it’s so funny how excited the crowd gets everytime someone shoots, even if it’s nowhere near getting in ^^

  10. There are no great saves here but Banks showed his greatness. His command of the area and presence is amazing. Also, at 6-20 he leaps like a cat with great bravery at the pool players feet and makes him miss. Now can anybody tell me why modern goalkeepers, in the main, are just not brave anymore? Yes, they are bigger, much bigger, than old keepers but have no balls

  11. the difference between football then and now, players were proud to play for their teams and no diving

  12. Agree Georgie does look the worst for wear but you must remember the time that this was made, early 80’s if I am right, and this style was prob the fashion!!

    Tony Wilson and football = bad mix, even his interview methods were shite!!

    Glad you enjoyed it 😉

  13. Great days! You red bastards!
    Remember going to my auntie’s to watch this on her colour telly.

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