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  1. Is it just me or was park such a work horse and so up and down the pitch i still dont have a clue what position he is properly meant to play :L

  2. some of the japs got balls to show up here n luv to trash a player like park over a punk ass kagawa like he is some golden boy with sunshine up his ass,but let me break it down for u: b4 it wasn’t even considered normal 4 an asian player to sign w/ premier league,n it take a true heart n talents to survive in a team like man u for 7 yrs,especially right after a true shit player like dong fangzhuo pretty much closed all doors prior to park’s task–i suggest u all just say thank u n move along.

  3. He’s not the fastest guy, he doesn’t have the best dribbles, and he’s not the best finisher…
    but Ji Sung Park had unusually good defensive skills for being an attacker, he was also in a place where he could always get the ball from his teammates. Yeah not the guy that’s the flashiest or will become the most goal scorer but he does his best to do the dirty work from the back. I think he could transition well into a left back if he so were to choose.

  4. no but they’ve produced players like Cha BOOM and Park Ji Sung. Don’t diss south korea because their talented players are rarer. South Korea hasn’t cheated. They’re not that low, at least not for soccer. They do sometimes implement dirty tactics but they only do that for Japan. Like i was appalled by the way South Korea attacked Japanese players during the London Olympic games for Bronze. But overall they really do try and win fairly. Whats the point otherwise? I’m Korean and i say this genuinly

  5. Your username is the only thing that proves anything, and it prove that you’re a dumbass 12 year old who knows nothing beyond the reach of ronaldo’s small penis

  6. I am a Chelsea fan and this guy was always so good against us, I hated to see him on the pitch.. very respectable player.

  7. I’m a Chelsea fan and I’ve gotta admit that this guy is cool. His stamina is incredible. For now,don’t ever compare him with KAGAWA. KAGAWA is nothing compared to him.

  8. forget the money man just being a footballer, travelling around with your team mates, the hotels and the fans showing their love to you
    thats worth so much more than the money
    man these guys are really living the life

  9. I wonder how much he makes per year. You have to be the luckiest guy in the world to be in his shoes.

  10. @kencing berlari he’s responsible for borussian dortmund to win the league in german,it’s not an easy league considering there’s schalke amd bayern,u know bayern thst got into the champions league final,borussia defeat bayern 5 -0 with him scoring two goals and two assist,think b4 you comment

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