23 replies on “INSIDE CITY 49: Golf with Dzeko & FIFA 13 skills”

  1. Poor Micah. Probably the most talented defender in the league, but can’t escape form the injury problems.

  2. you shouldn’t have made it out the womb,your a great example of why abortion is acceptable

  3. so you looked on his channel just to check what nationality he was,so you could be a smart ass in the comments?? lol grow up you prick

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  5. not a city fan but i absolutly love these vids and this idea wish all clubs start filming players lives and training more!

  6. let’s see what happens when the sheikh gets tired of your european performance (he surely feels his massive investment deserves a club on the european stage) and cuts off your funding lol. man city has no infrastructure and foundation to continue supporting their current expenses.

  7. I knew he wasn’t european for sure p.s how the fuck do you know he’s an aussie? you his bitch?

  8. Search ‘KDMTactics’ they have 2 brilliantly funny videos, btw the Inside City series is just class, anyone else got the sneaky feeling that we’ll make to the knockout stages?

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