24 Comments On “INSIDE CITY 14: Aguero, Balotelli and De Jong get ready for Christmas – HD”

  1. 1:42 Kolarov: Dat ass.

  2. 6:27
    the guy in the tree hahaha

  3. lol mario covering his head inside room …..XDDD

  4. 6:08 so does anybody the fat guy stuck on a tree?

  5. 06:54 VINCENT!

  6. Camera man: Mario, What are you doing?
    Balotelli: What?! I dont know…

  7. More like, how could you not like Balotelli?! XD

  8. hahaha wtf he was camouflaged

  9. 6:12 D: ther’s a man on the tree!

  10. thealmightycommenter

    2:48 “what you doing her mario”
     “What? I dunno “

  11. that’s a lovely Star Trek tribute uniform 1:00

  12. Only Balotelli would put a party popper on a christmas cake :L

  13. 4:00 KUN jajajajajaj SAY HEEE LOCOO !

  14. Even the Santa Claus is Blue….. Love Blue Manchester!!!

  15. Anyone else stare at the dude in the tree?

  16. 6:41 was I the only person staring at that gut in the tree ?

  17. i would give anything for that branch to break

  18. 6:30 who the fuck is sitting there in the trees?!?!

  19. 6:29 camera man xD

  20. hahahah the guy at 6:15

  21. How could anyone not like Aguero?

  22. Isabelle lovesRealMadrid

    Sergio , I LUV YOU!!!

  23. it’s so obvious that aguero loves being in front of a camera. lol nice 😀

  24. guy on tree 6:26 lol free ticket i guess?

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