24 replies on “EXCLUSIVE Vincent Kompany: #askvincent Man City Captain answers fans’ Twitter questions”

  1. belgium have such a sick team its crazy! Vermailain, kompany, vertonghen then in the midfield hazard felaini dembele then in attack miralles and lukaku
    its actually fucking crazy!

  2. You just know loads of questions asked were “How big is your dick?”..
    You just know it…

  3. the way it said “after you, who is the greatest belgian footballer” and he just said “who is the greatest belgian footballer” BOSS.

  4. I’m a Leeds fan but I like Kompany, he seems like such a nice guy, and nice guys are rare in football.

  5. Yes, I honostly think that the flemish people in belgium speak the best english, other than britains themselves off course. I’m flemish myself and they teach us english from a very young age cuz unlike the chauvinistic french bastards we DO understand that without knowing english you’re a nobody. And if you manage to fluently understand and speak english you can go anywhere the wind blows!

  6. that’s because he’s belgian so like germans and dutch they learn it in school and his wife’s a manc

  7. His laugh at 5:43. He just makes me laugh. His voice is so calming, but it’s like a really stupid voice. Like, he is intelligent on the pitch, but his voice sounds like a stupid, dozy person. And when he smiles at the questions hahahaha!

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. It was the most ridiculous question I have ever heard, and your comment actually seriously answers it with no smilies HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Made my day, you legend!

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