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  1. Kolarov is a pure rarity of Serbian national football players.I was following him in City and at some points he looked woeful.But in Serbian national team he provided fantastic performance,showed great skills and crosses agaisnt Northern Ireland and were rated for ‘Top of the match’ by Goal dot com side against Italy.Otherwise,some “stars” as Vidic and Stankovic never provided one single percent for their national team…

  2. He did not start that match and I know that for a fact. He came on and scored to earn city that valuable point, and if it was not for that, the city would be second at the moment. Why are you hating on him for? I remember him making one mistake which cost city a goal but you are acting as if every match he makes loads of mistakes (which he doesn’t) Clichy just has speed… Kolarov better shot, passing, dribbling, etc. Top comment even says Kolarov is better with many thumbs ups.

  3. He has hardly started any games as he is a liability, Mancini knows this hence why he’s not trusted in the big games. And wow, shows mow much you know. ‘Kolarov came on and scored’? If you actually watched that game you’d realise Kolarov started that game, and was pretty much directly at fault for Sunderland’s 2nd and 3rd goals. Yes he’s good going forward, i’m not disputing that fact. But he’s a defender so his main priority should be defending, and in that aspect Clichy wins hands down.

  4. Erm yes he is. You were saying he has hardly played any games… so what mistakes has he made then? And even if he did make a mistake so what? Everyone makes mistakes… Even your beloved Clichy has made mistakes on the pitch. How about the time when Man city were 3-2 down against Sunderland, Kolarov came on and scored a great goal to make it 3-3. Clichy is faster, but Kolarov is overall a much better player. Go and suck Clichy’s dick if you love him that much… he is not even that good.

  5. ‘Kolorov is better in everything else’? Erm no he’s not. Clichy is far better defensively. Kolorov is great going forward yes but is very suspect defensively. Numerous times this season his mistakes have caused up to concede. Against any quick winger he will be embarrassed. On the other side look at Clichy, marked Nani right out of the game against United and was as even more impressive vs Newcastle next game. There’s a reason Clichy has started three times more games in the league than Aleks..

  6. Clichy is faster… but Kolarov is better in everything else. Look at the top rated comment… It’s exactly what I am saying and loads of other people agree.

  7. Hahahahaha, don’t make me laugh. Clichy is far better than Aleks hence why he’s played like twice as many games than him. Kolorov is a mistake waiting to happen.

  8. Yeah, and as soon as Kolorov touched him he’d get arrested and locked up. Then you’d never be able to see him play. Real smart move kid.

  9. pussy? does that look like a pussy to you? please, go and tell him that. I’d pay to see that old-fashioned Serbian ass-beating.

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