20 replies on “england vs south africa”

  1. Ottima partita, brava Inghilterra. Il Sudafrica mi è sembrato senza idee specialmente in attacco.

  2. How many wars has England been in? How many people England has murdered..MIllions and Millions of them..All over the world

  3. so happy i met Ben Youngs, George Ford, and Jonny May with Leicester when they come to play against Racing 92! And i met also Mike Brown with Harlequins vs Stade Français!

  4. Sad to see the springboks in this mess tbh it's not good for the rugby world, they are a shadow of what they used to be

  5. the way the stupid media talk about age 32 oldest in team makes me sick its so young i know big john hayes retired at 41 for ireland and was still fit these arseholes will next say 20 is old fools

  6. Hi everybody it was a good victory for England and their coach Eddie Jones WELL DONE ENGLAND RUGBY!!!

  7. tactics from Ford??? place Farrel to 10… y not use allot big boot for line kicks… use that attacking centres

  8. Eng beat Aus 3-0, win a Grand Slam number 2 in the world… but of course they're not as good as Ireland. Unbelievable.

  9. Why is Barnes such a prick. Every comment by another commentator is dragged back to highlight an England failing of years ago. I wish they'd sack him.

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