14 replies on “Eddie Jones’ England Rugby Era”

  1. eddies like more into rugby than kiwis lol larkam said he rang him at 3 am back in th day to tell him something about a play they could do.

  2. Take a guess why TEDDIE BONES left Japan high an dry, because he didn't want to be the next host nation coach to be booted out of the round robin WRC 2019 that's the sort or MUNKEY he is. England grow some balls richest rugby nation in the world and they gotta go outer town to look for coaching staff.

  3. Absolute miracle worker. Pity we don't get the opportunity to have a crack at the mighty AB's in the Autumn Internationals.

  4. lets not jump the gun just yet. he had a season with the Reds where they only won 1 game, and he had 8 straight losses with the Wobblies. He's great but its a long road.

  5. How quickly people forget haha, sure he has had a few highs, but also some serious lows, like holding the record for most consecutive losses when coaching Australia.

  6. They just need a healthy Manu Tuilagi and give Ben Teo a chance and watch their midfield run rampage.

  7. Team of the year?? they're going well but they need to beat us before even getting close to a nomination. I want to know why the don't play us (NZ) at the end of the year???

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