20 replies on “England vs Australia – rugby test 2 – 18/06/16”

  1. Why not admit its awful, only then will you improve and people may want to watch. Why dont the England team just leave and learn not to be arrogant about winning in a pathetic way. The England team is just a better version of the Romanian team. 2nd in the world for worst form of rugby.

  2. England ruin rugby. So boring to watch they have single handedly destroyed northern hemisphere rugby. Good series win but so bad to watch the most negative team in international rugby. Hopefully they get duffed sometime soon so they can go away and sort themselves out

  3. I'm glad I'm not English they play boring rugby….let's get players in the pack who are big ogres and stick it up the shirt and kick it thru Farrell and forde same old England ….they will come unstuck soon enough when they face e. Ireland south Africa or new Zealand …. poor England supporters can't enjoy watching this shite…prob enjoy the two wins though that's about it

  4. that last scrum where Australia had just gotten away with wheeling the last and England just munched them 🙂

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