5 replies on “England rugby team to sport ‘camouflage’ outfit”

  1. You can run and you can hide but you can't get away from the mighty All Blacks, pump all the money into whatever you want to make your team better, it still won't make any difference, we just have better athletes and player skills than the whole English team combined, ok you might get that token win once in a blue moon .
    That gives you hope win the six nations and your up their so everyone in England would probably think!
    But reality check im sorry to say but you ain't not even close,
    And thats factual dont even bother arguing that one.
    But hay if it makes you feel like you have an edge go for it but the results or outcome would most likely be the same NZ beat England in the rugby and we did it at your home ground nearly all the time, cause you guys dont want to play us at our home ground eva.

  2. Whats the point of going to an England game if you can't see them. How about making the playing field even by camouflaging the rugby ball . Geez England just stick with WHITE TOPS,as we have had the purple, the red ribbon and god knows what.

  3. England, camouflage all you want,there will be no hiding from the men in Black. None is more
    disappointed than NZ that we don't get the chance to put ya's to the sword, however we will wait, for the All Blacks have nothing to prove. How long have we reigned supreme, is it 116 or 117 yrs. I forget. The men in camo V The men in Black, cool

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