20 replies on “England 2001-2003: The Golden Era”

  1. I don't know how many times I've watched this – eleven or twelve – but I never tire of it. So many great players with such skill and pace – and modesty (apart from Cohen, perhaps!) And Richard Hill's try is becoming my favourite, because he epitomised the tough, determined, hard-working attitude that this side had – and if ever there was a modest man, he was it.
    A great time for English rugby.

  2. I cant get my head around Tindall's pass from the floor at 3:46. It was some 2 seconds after he was off his feet – can anybody put me right?
    Apart from that, undoubtedly the best European side in my memory.

  3. I'm Irish and I can't say I'm big fan of England but damn this was an insane team and a great video

  4. that team was like a machine I don't care what anyone says they where the best by a mile at that time!

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