22 replies on “Eden Hazard I 2012-2013 I Chelsea FC I Be A King I”

  1. ไปเกิด LM10 ดูนะจร๊ะอิหนู ว่าเขาเทพยังไง

  2. I think that Hazard will be the Cristiano’s replacement at Madrid, and Oscar will play for Barcelona, obviousily in a future.

  3. 100% right now 🙂 But I would have to agree about the UCL Idk why I’m saying this but Moses last minute goal :D:D:D

  4. Absolutely.Mata is right now with his form better than 99% of the Premier League.Not to mention Cazorla,Silva,Hazard or Oscar.But in UCL Oscar seems to perform better.

  5. Very proud of Eden for making it to Chelsea from Lille. He’s still playing very well in the English League !

  6. haha this account was made aages ago man … immature name i know ahahaha! but yeahh i hate fakes lool, just went on his account and saw like 3 of em straight away! support your clunb stick up for em its cool! but dont pretend to be another fan to make yourself look good :L

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