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  1. im a stoke fan and i remember going to this game as clear as day. i was actually quite amazed at how good de gea played even though in the games he had played quite recently before this he had made a few (really) bad mistakes

  2. @kuttiyil785 it can hardly be the end of the world he had the highest save to shot ratio in the league last season dipshit :L

  3. @T90Productions cool video, nicely done.
    I hear he made a rude save against Ajax last night.

  4. he makes a mistake people highlight it.. he makes 100 saves.. people don’t even care.. he’s just young and I’m sure he can go on to be one of best..

  5. also quit hating on de gea. hes only 21, give him few years and i think he will be impossible to beat.

  6. also quit hating on de gea. hes only 21, give him few years and i think he will be impossible to beat.

  7. i think there is meant to be a ‘you’ in there so clearly you need to learn to speak/learn english. have a nice day at school now

  8. De Gea needs eye surgery, which is why is he not playing right now. Also, Lindegard is a great keeper.

  9. i am a manchester united fan.but im saying that i am tired of de gea bad goalkeeping and his big/bad mistakes.they just get a bad score when he is with!

  10. fuck you idiot.can you even speak english.i don’t think so.do you get that.or are still retarded?

  11. what a fucking idiot you are!who did the big mistake against blackburn.he is not even first choice anymore.lindegaard is much better than de gea.idiot!now can you speak english!

  12. An they wonder why he lacks confidence no one gives him any credit when he makes a save besides ferdinand that ONE time but he is still a great goal keeper his only 20 years old playing for one of the best clubs in the world in the hardest football league in the world an trying to live up to the expectation of Edwin van der sar he is going to be nervous an edgy because this isn’t the type of football he is used to

  13. van der sar was better. BUT. van der sar is 2 times older than De Gea. that means (especially as a goalkeeper) more confidence, more stuff like that. you need that as a goalkeeper. i think de gea is not bad, but he is too young for the number 1 of ManU

  14. Plz do more vids not only de Gea but of other players in utd squad. Love this vid, hope he can adapt to his full ability in united and English football 🙂

  15. 1. David De Gea

    Manchester United
    Saves to shot ratio 79.4%
    Saves made 50
    Saves parried safe 17
    Saves parries into danger 5
    Penalties faced 2
    Penalties saved 1

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