24 replies on “David Beckham – all 85 Manchester United goals!”

  1. Beckham is more than a Legend! Becham is BECKHAM ! Nobody’ll soon be like him , mabye in 100 years

  2. at last like the commentator was with man utd omg like where was i when this happened fuck you pokemon cards :OOOO

  3. The song fits perfectly with the history Beckham had with Manchester United. Miss him in the Red Devil’s kit i_i

  4. Back in a time when football was good, goals were real, not a dive or ‘advantage’ bullshit, just pure class. Not a Man United support, but a fan of the game itself.

  5. ผม ชอบ นัก เตะ คนนี้ มากค้าบบ

  6. i must sign in immediately to give this vid a like LOL
    love ManUnited because of Beckham <3

  7. Beckham becomes a gay to apply people’ s respect for gays and les! Wow, brave Beckham!.
    When the world is full of gays and les, what will you do. Be a heterosex or a homosexual

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