24 Comments On “David Beckham – all 85 Manchester United goals!”

  1. he should of stayed at man utd

  2. Beckham is more than a Legend! Becham is BECKHAM ! Nobody’ll soon be like him , mabye in 100 years

  3. at last like the commentator was with man utd omg like where was i when this happened fuck you pokemon cards :OOOO

  4. i’m a Liverpool fan but i think Beckham is a legend

  5. The song fits perfectly with the history Beckham had with Manchester United. Miss him in the Red Devil’s kit i_i

  6. his celebrations were emberassing..

  7. how so

  8. football has only gotten better

  9. For me, Beckham is the best free-kick specialist ever at a crucial time to change the game

  10. Back in a time when football was good, goals were real, not a dive or ‘advantage’ bullshit, just pure class. Not a Man United support, but a fan of the game itself.

  11. ธนธรณ์ ชื่นอารมณ์

    ผม ชอบ นัก เตะ คนนี้ มากค้าบบ

  12. 11:38.. talks with ref, and goal. wow

  13. bet most of them goals were free kicks or pens, still a great player tho


  15. i cried when beckham leave Man United !

  16. i must sign in immediately to give this vid a like LOL
    love ManUnited because of Beckham <3

  17. Beckham becomes a gay to apply people’ s respect for gays and les! Wow, brave Beckham!.
    When the world is full of gays and les, what will you do. Be a heterosex or a homosexual

  18. Beckham lob’s goalkeepers spot on…..

  19. 1:00 what a terrible ground

  20. me to only in England this happens

  21. Beckham and best form in Manchester United!

  22. Valencia is amazing .. how the hell can you say hes crap? explain please

  23. I miss Beckham freekick …

  24. Not Owen..

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