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  1. management of chelsea must gives di matteo chance for training the chelsea he was player in team , he knows everything about team , he can deal with members team and the most important thing is he achieved successes during short period of time so give him a chance

  2. who cares im so happy for chelsea! absolutely fantastic game…villas boas could never do that…

  3. ur a barca fan because they win all the time right? i mean common bro why on earth would u support such a diving cheating club with nearly all their players crying on the pitch everytime trying to get every possible foul?

  4. I’m really loving that were having good results under Di Matteo but doesn’t anyone eles think its a bit too early to be saying things such as, “chelsea has found their way” or “He’s the one.” I do think that we’re in good hands don’t get me wrong but I’m just saying that we’re jumping the gun if things like these are being said.

  5. Thanks for the corrections I’m so grateful, I didn’t expect that I could recieve help about this topic. Once again thanks very much.

  6. @danfel5thecavern,, im totally agree with the part that says Chelsea have found their own way whit.Di Matteo, but i dont see mou at the bridge again, hes requesting lots of things, and Di Matteo is putting.this team the way it should be like, btw u got just a few mistakes (found THEIR own way) (i dont see IT only like) (i see IT like A promise),, keep it up man,, btw im Colombian as well.

  7. ┈┈┈┈┈┈▕▔╲┈┈┈┈┈┈
    if you want mourinho as manager and Di Matteo as assistant next season

  8. Chelsea don´t have to search for a coach, with Di Matteo Chelsea’s already found your own way, I don´t see only like a emergency choise I see like promise to go ahead with a new process but if Mourhino´d like to come to Stamford Bridge it would be better and Di matteo would be the young coach. If i have any write wrong I would be grateful of your corrections, I’m colombian and I’m learnig english

  9. Tottenham’s choking, the Gunners still suck. Chelsea is back with Villas-Boas gone now. Let’s go Chelsea!

  10. PEOPLE we cant get mourinho he’s signing a new contract at real madrid. let’s just keep RDM

  11. people only miss avb because we was pretty much allways losing im glad hes gone hope di matteo , guss or jose for the job in summer 🙂

  12. Of course, but don’t forget that all the big teams usually struggle against Stoke. It is hard to break down a team that has such good defensive prowess. When they were down to ten men they decided that one point was good enough and it was all work from there. I agree that the game wasn’t particularly pretty, but these games are extremely important to win – and we did. It is the final position in the Premier League they will judge Di Matteo by.

  13. I see your logic but theres more than 1 way to skin a cat. Winning 1-0 against 10 men stoke is nothing to write home about. Just hoped Robbie would keep his job a bit longer thats all…we shall see. 1 game doesnt a 2nd half of a season make i suppose

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