19 replies on “Sam Underhill’s Amazing Defensive Performance Vs Argentina || England Vs Argentina”

  1. Just imagine if he was as good as pocock in the breakdown we would have the best 7 in the world

  2. use okay affect conduct rub legislative shooting laugh final spirit counseling.

  3. brilliant tackler but needs to offer more going forward imo, hopefully will see it against the aussies

  4. Nice to see a player making technically perfect tackles repeatedly. I want to see more in attack from him though.

  5. He went to my school!!!!!!!!! Sir Thomas rich's in Gloucester
    His old coach now coaches me

  6. Wow i like this player, he is a very good flanker. Et tous ses plaquages sont offensifs, quel super défenseur.

  7. This guy is up there with the best, Hooper, Pocock, McCaw. Full credit to Mr Underhill.

  8. Well done England!Amazing defensive performance.Argentina missed 4 penalties, otherwise England with all the tackling and defense would have lost at home.

  9. The Poms didn’t look at all convincing against Argentina. They don’t look good enough to beat Australia. If Hernandez & Sanchez had had their kicking boots on, the scoreline would’ve been a lot closer. Also, if the Poms had given away that much possession to a team with more penetrative backs, they would’ve been in a lot of trouble. I’m sure the Wallabies are going to stick out England next Saturday.

  10. Tackling is great he just needs to focus on improving his jackeling and getting more carries and then England have a world class 7 on their hands

  11. When are England playing all blacks it's been like 2 years.Its like all blacks avoiding England lol.

  12. Thanks for producing this video! Really great to see Underhill's performance recognized in such a way.
    I also felt that the commentators did a good job of highlighting his performance as often defensive plays can slip under the casual watchers radar!

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