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  1. I know the scots hate us English and always support the 'other team' when we play, but I am genuinely happy when they beat Australia and Ireland. This was not really representative of their efforts of late, I think we just played very well. I always look forward to the Lions games as much as the 6 nations because I love it when the 'British' take on the Southern Hemisphere, there is nothing more exciting to me!

  2. I love how we don't say that Hogg got injured then his replacement ( Mark Bennett ) did also just keep that in mind

  3. commentator is wrong, Scottish player trying to stop the first try was not Hogg it was Visser

  4. unbelievable even in a highlights programme the cretins still have to show that fucking toecurling firework display shite

  5. cant blame it all on the team tho since england have every conceivable advantage money more players bigger league better facilities . why in scotland we waste time with football when we have literally no chance at all of ever acheiving anything at all what is the point in wasting effort on it ? new zealand is a similar country to us and they aint bad are they ? because they arent wasting effort on other shit !!!! why be bad at all sports or mediocre at best when u can be the worlds best at 1 sport or at least competitive and worthy of pride . cant see the point in whining we didnt win the race wen we are the ones sawing the legs off our own horse !

  6. The disgraceful (high) tackle by Brown on Hogg should have received a red card. The 1st try came from an off the ball penalty, the 2nd try was from a forward pass, the 3rd try was aided by a crossing obstruction and the 4th try was from a forward pass. I do not believe the Referee was biased!

  7. I find it hilarious when games like this against regular wooden spoon contenders Scotland are referred to as a 'rivalry', it's not a rivalry if only one team keeps winning across the board.

  8. thought we would start off slow again but we went for it, brown sin bin said it all for the scots fair play for playing to the end though. if jospeh isnt in the lions someones lost.


    The referee was definitely not bias against Scotland, he should have given Fraser Brown a Red card instead of just a Yellow for Brown's extremely dangerous tackle on Elliot Daly in the first two minutes. The injury from this tackle forced Daly to leave the field and take no further part in the game.

    If Brown had been correctly Red carded then Scotland would have been reduced to 14 men for virtually all of the game. This would changed Scotland's massive defeat into a massacre.

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