9 Comments On “Inside England Rugby – Sweet Chariot (2003)”

  1. what a fucking team that England side were! Anytime, any place, any conditions.

  2. I never thought that one of most interesting part of this whole documentary be a 15 of animals

  3. Who died before the France game?

  4. from a IRISH I think we all hated Martin Johnson the player but when you see this, you see his will to win , his leadership is incredible…My hate turned to respect…Super Captain, remind of our own Roy Keane ,.win win and win

  5. William Stevens-Harris

    What song is it at the start?

  6. Invincibles

  7. Same fixtures for England as the 2017 6N!

  8. Hope you get beat by Ireland so long suckers!!!

  9. I'm Australian and this is quality for fans and players of other nations. Thanks for the upload Stevie. Really inner sanctum stuff this video footage. Great story and that was a top squad.

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