6 Comments On “France v England Rugby Union 1990”

  1. Starmer Smith and Beaumont. Now we have Harrison and Barnes. Nothing changes. In fact Beaumont was really a rugby version of John Prescott. A steady stream of stumbling mangled syntax. His brain could never keep up with his mouth.

  2. Any chance you could edit out any more vital passages of play??

  3. A la fin du match, on entend des "Ferrasse, démission !"; le président de la FFR d'alors …

  4. Passation de pouvoir entre la génération blanco vieillissante et celle de Will Carling au début de sa domination.

  5. Lagisquet vs Underwood battle of the speed demons

  6. Who edited this ? You have missed all the tries in real time? Just showing the playing crossing the line and no build up. Yet the penalties are played for 5 mins each??!!

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