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  1. how is hooper offside if korobete ran infront of hooper?  doesn't that put hooper onside to have someone that was behind the kicker run in front of him?  not seeing how that is a good call, unless the rules on having a chaser to put people onside has changed and I didn't notice?

  2. Tough game playing against the ref.

  3. What has happened to Australia rugby? They just don't seem to have the same cohesiveness they once had.

  4. MMT,

  5. forward pass at 3:54

  6. 5:19 if you listen Well you can actually hear Babies cry

  7. Referees… Shame

  8. Truly abysmal Wallabies. But awesome work by Eddie Jones and England. First Eddie Jones won an amazing world cup game against the Springboks with Japan, and now a turnaround for England since their world cup bust. Awesome.

  9. Ref is a fucking blind one sided cunt

  10. "Controversial" 30-5 ?

    Australia getting beaten is now "Controversial"? This must be the Post-Truth world Iv'e been hearing so much about?

  11. I think the ref did great since he is 20

  12. England still looking like they have what it takes to be number 1. Brilliant to see the home nations dominating the southern H teams. Shame didn't get to see England play the ABs this year. Feels a bit like being cheated. Fair play to England, roll on the six nations.
    Uncharacteristically from a Scotland fan!

  13. England pay their refs well in both codes.

  14. As an Irish man who's opinion stands neutral England were very fucking lucky and the ref did really stick it to the aussies I'd love to see these teams play again

  15. Every time England beat a Rugby Championship team, excuse after excuse. Though it’s traditional for sore losers to do that because otherwise they have to blame themselves.

  16. This referee, an england pirate..

  17. PlymouthtoLeedsonaXCHST

    Australians are so anti english its about time they remove the union jack off their flag.

  18. Fhjg
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