6 Comments On “Australia vs England rugby Test match 11 06 2016”

  1. England vs Australia. Such intense games no matter what the sport!

  2. Brilliant Aus commentators ,knowledgeable and fair.
    Unlike Kiwis,totally one eyed

  3. This series should have given the ARU a nice purse…

  4. Alexis Verpakovskis

    Wow, Australia and England fans sitting together, probably having civilized banter about the whole thing… magic. You'll never see that at a European football stadium. Neva eva eva!

  5. The one guy who has disliked this is defo Australia

  6. Any chance you have the second(18th June) and third(25th June) tests down under please
    Can't believe no one is putting out a DVD – What a cracking tour.

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