25 Comments On “Stoke City 5-0 Bolton Wanderers Official Highlights | The FA Cup semi final 17/04/11”

  1. Stoke should make a bid for Barton

  2. Harry Potter is a Stoke fan

  3. harry potter ?

  4. i was there too. will never ever forget it! was an incredible day! best game i’ve ever been to!

  5. I was there it was AMAZING! Stoke City 4Ever

  6. I laugh at people saying “I hate Stoke, all they ever do is to sit deep and try scoring goals on counter or from set pieces.” Well, you cant win 5-0 being so defensive all the time, can you?

  7. Haha, Bolton got relegated

  8. thumbs up mif u were there

  9. 30 people are Bolton fans…………. Go on stoke

  10. I love you stoke from barcelonaaaaa!

  11. why couldnt they do this today!


  13. Omfg you really are an illiterate spastic.. I win 🙂

  14. Make me illiterate Stoke supporting retard hahahahah

  15. Bolton have your three points, we,re sending you down sunday!!! Come on stoke!!!

  16. Says the one who spells ‘you’re’ as ‘ur’ you stupid inbred

  17. Wow you must have lead a pretty shit life to date..

  18. Stoke = mega shit club hahahahahaha

  19. Awwwwww.

  20. Stoke = mega shit club hahahahahaha

  21. Awwwww cute.

  22. stoke = shit club

  23. Why are you even watching this……………oh yes because you lost at home AGAIN

  24. You denied us three points. we denied you the chance to go back to Wembley, an FA Cup final, and a go in the Europa.

  25. Such a good goal from etherington!

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