20 Comments On “1st half Australia vs England Rugby League World Cup 26/10/2013”

  1. Too bad England are morons in terms of not knowing whats intentional or not.

  2. VermiciousKnids100

    40:43 Sam Burgess!!!! '2 for the price of 1' 🙂 – Love the commentary of Vossy!

  3. Quite obvious that Australia are the greatest at rugby league! Go Kangaroos!

  4. I understand why the man in the middle of the front row in a rugby union scrum is called a hooker, as he hooks the ball back – but why is the player in the middle of the front row in this rubbish game called a hooker when the scrum half simply rolls the ball to the played a the back of back of the scrum ?

  5. I'm an American and I don't know very much about rugby, but I like it a lot!  Can someone tell me when rugby season starts so I can keep up with it?  Thanks!

  6. Pls put the final game up


    cheers aussie team… 

  8. george burgess if your reading this, get out of your current contract asap and get fuckin paid mate. pull a sonny bill if you have to.

  9. to be good at league u have to play in the NRL. NZ are good because all of their players play in NRL like Australia obviously. Englands best players are obviously the burgess boys, because they play NRL. Super league is a second rate comp. i guess there must be problems with balance of talent.

  10. Thanks to Szabo Attila for posting this. On co call official site, I couldn't find the video. This is awesome! Really appreciated it!

  11. I am. League is just the same thing over and over.

  12. I think England will beat NZ,England have a good record against them.

  13. You cant be serious !

  14. and you are a d h

  15. rugby league sucks

  16. Thomas, yeah no I think they are in contention for 1st if they play well but I still fancy Australia then New Zealand for 1st and 2nd

  17. I think Union is far more entertaining to watch.

  18. England are ranked 3rd in League, they can't be that bad.

  19. League isn't Union, mate.

  20. England won the proper game of rugby yesterday.

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