David Beckham enjoying his retirement in the United States

The former Manchester United and England midfielder seems to be enjoying life with his friends and family in the United States.

In the latest photograph released, Beckham can be seen to be enjoying a basketball game. David Beckham was accompanied by his two sons, Romeo, and Cruz as well as footballers Robbie Keane and Steven Gerrard. Robbie Keane was also accompanied by his son.

This is the second photograph of David Beckham enjoying life with his family that has been posted on Instagram recently. On Sunday, there was a video with Beckham going on a hike with is daughter Harper. They were seen to be walking up the Los Angeles hills while carrying a big backpack.

David Beckham is renowned for being close to her daughter as it was revealed that he was hand sewing a doll dress for her. Who would have thought that Beckham had sewing talents when he was distributing precise crosses on the Old Trafford pitch?

Despite having all his family commitments, David Beckham still has time to go on a road trip with his friends. Beckham has been posting incredible photos of the road as well as his impressive motorbike for his fans to follow. He has been camping under the stars at Lazy Sky in a traditional teepee which however was quite comfortable as seen on the photos. Read more

Real Madrid is out of the King’s Cup

After losing against Villareal on December 13, Real Madrid has fallen further behind their rivals Barcelona and Athletic Madrid in the Spanish League and to make matters even worse, the team of Rafael Benitez has now been knocked out from the Kings Cup after having fielded a player who was ineligible to play.

Real Madrid faced off with Cadiz in their first leg match of the last 32 remaining teams in the Kings Cup and during this match, Denis Cheryshev was included in the team, the problem with this is that Denis was not eligible to play and now Real Madrid as consequence have been removed from the Spanish competition as punishment.

When this sanction was made, Real Madrid attempted to appeal it in order to stay competing in the Kings Cup but the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) rejected their appeal.

The Russian winger Denis Cheryshev was not eligible to play in this match after having picked up his 3rd yellow card in the semi-finals of last season’s competition when he was out on loan with Villareal.

It’s rumored that Real Madrid will attempt to appeal once again and try to find a way to continue performing in the Kings Cup but if this is the final decision of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and Real Madrid does indeed get removed from the competition, it will be a huge loss not only for Rafael Benitez but the club in itself. Read more

Kevin Davies reveals that most players react when involved in a physical battle

Former Bolton Wanderers striker Kevin Davies reveals that most players react when involved in a physical battle with the striker. This is especially true of the central defenders. Davies, however, sees the former United centre back Nemanja Vidic as a different personality. During his time in English football, Vidic went on from being an unknown from Serbian football into one of the best defenders in the world. He did pick up red cards during his time at Old Trafford, but Vidic will largely be remembered as someone who held his character on the pitch.

Davies is one of the most physical strikers to have played in the Premier League. For several years, Bolton were able to stay in the league largely because of the threat offered by Davies. Even though his goals dried towards the latter end of his career, he remained an integral part of the club who are now playing in the Championship. The former striker recently retired from football after spending his last two years at Preston North End. Davies has recalled how most of the top defenders like John Terry will patch up once the game is over. However, this was not the case with Vidic who did not choose to remain friends with opposition players. Read more


Ji Sung Park who retired from playing competitive football on May of 2014 is following the footsteps of football figures such as: David Beckham, Sir. Alex Ferguson and many others who have published and autobiography.

The most successful football star in the history of Korea is expected to release his book on February 26 which will be covering his 23 year long career in the world of sports including his time at the World Cup of 2002, 2006 and 2010.

The book also goes beyond the playing grounds as it also has details involving his wife, Kim Min-Ji who he married a few months ago.

“During my last season with PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands, I wanted to give her something special for her birthday. I asked a shop in Italy to mark my name on my right football shoe and her name on my left shoe. I then wore the shoes throughout my last season.”

In the book, Park also narrates his intentions of not turning into a coach which is what many retired players chose to do but instead of being a manager, he wants to become a football administrator.

“I don’t want to be a coach. I want to work at FIFA or AFC Asian Football Confederation. If a Korean holds a key position at such an organization, Korea could have more diplomatic influence in the football world. I also consider working at the Korea Football Association.” Ji-Sung Park wrote on his book.

The main hailing from South Korean has been enjoying an active life even though he retired in 2014, he was named as the global ambassador for AirAsia which is an aircraft that operates in Asia as well as also being named as the ambassador for Manchester United, which is the club where he performed in from 2005 until 2012 and he managed to make over 130 appearances.